Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Mmmmm ... maybe my big yellow box of mass friendly fire was not all my fault. Blogger seems to be having as little luck with its bugs as the Crusade is having with picking who's for us and who's agin us. In the last hour these two pages have purported to be the Rant of the Week. (Without the HTML having left my hands at any stage.) Other evil bloggers have been disguising themselves as simple village Ranters and blowing up our blog. More "Shock and Awe" over this way please Tommy.

Notwithstanding all that, the search for knowledge that might be contained within the walls of this Blog continues unabated ...

overweight hairy males produce
condoleza rice biography OR husba
2003 email address guess book in dubai via saudi
muslims "anti british" whores
bibble 2002 serial number
men in frilly aprons jpg
"the chick was in the way"
semen donate in manchester
prize bellend
Not sure whether the last two are related ... perhaps they are just good friends.