Tuesday, April 01, 2003

April 1 link d'amusement ('scuse my great grandma Hughes' frog) which is a fine spoof of this ... the News page from the Australian version of the BBC.

Also here a couple of Oz blogs worth a gecko ...


Extract:- "Ten days into the war, the high moral standards proclaimed by the Coalition leaders are rapidly being replaced by the brutal reality that this is going to be a war much like most others, with both sides committing grave crimes, and nobody really winning in the end. It's already become clear that nothing said by either side can be trusted (I won't resume the futile debate over which side is lying more). And, as the Pentagon has quietly dropped or relaxed restrictions on targeting civilian areas and civilian infrastructure, we can expect a steadily rising civilian death toll even before large-scale urban fighting begins. Of course, if Saddam had only surrendered peacably, or fought out in the open as the US wanted him to, none of this would have happened - the same is true of every war in history where one side has an overwhelming advantage in conventional terms."


Extract:- "Anyway, great interview by Kerry O'Brien last night, in which he asked the PM if he's stopped beating his wife, and the PM said no, but he only beats her a little bit, and it's for her own good, y'see. OK, I'm joking but it was a killer question from Kerry (from memory): "Prime Minister, how many civilian deaths are acceptable to win this war?". Squirming somewhat, John Howard admitted we were entering a "difficult" phase of the war, that increased civilian casualties are likely if the US is forced to resort to its fabled "Shock and Awe" campaign to take Baghdad. I doubt I'm alone in fearing that Saddam has a few tricks up his sleeve. Prime Minister, now is the time to take a reality check yourself and bring our troops home. Show some ticker, mate."
A little bon mot or two found in The Feral Eye Rant of the Week guest book. I'm a sucker for a well argued, well presented empassioned point of view and Robert has sure set me a'rethinkin' about the error of our ways.

Comments: "Your anti-war rhetoric fails to address the true oppresive nature which mandated that some action be taken to liberate the Iraqi people. The shat that comes from thy mouth is truly nausiating. You and your fellow anti-war movement participants should be happy to live in an enviroment that allows such rhetoric without a fear of being put to death. Perhaps you and your mates would like to relocate your residence to North Korea and enjoy the privilages of living under a fine DICKtatorship."
Robert Justice of http://www.trulytrash.blogspot.com/ ... sorry Robbie me boy, don't blame anybody else, YOU chose the name of your Blog.

I do love the smell of a good eponym in the morning.