Friday, April 04, 2003

Some precious, paranoid, malicious and libellous twat (do visit and give him a bollocking) (UPDATE ... forget that, he has closed comments ... quit while you're well behind ... though you can view comments already made) has made a spurious accusation about the estimable Green Fairy having "hacked" his Blog. The discussion goes on at METAFILTER where Green Fairy is leading 40/15 in the first set.

Latest score: Green Fairy leads 40/0 in the second set having won the first set 6/0. (Tim has left Centre Court for urgent medico-legal attention to his Achilles' Heel, aka "Unsubstantiated Libellous Claims Against the Sister Teresa of Blogging".)

UPDATE. Final score: Green Fairy wins 6/0 6/0 5/0 (Little Tim had to forfeit the match as a result of injuries inflicted upon him by what he claimed was "a vocal majority of 8 foot tall, 3 headed purple aliens sitting in the back rows and who continually threw barbed insults at him while he was serving up his backhanders. I don't care if nobody else could see them ... I saw them and that's enough for me and let me tell you, I'm a gonna hunt 'em down and smoke 'em out")

No smoking gun, not so much as a discarded transatlantic shanghai.

Spontaneous World wide movement in support of Green Fairy

A small sample of the exchange on the Comments page of this very odd Tim Lutero person.

"Adrian and Adam, you both bring up good points. How can I be sure that she did it? Where is my evidence? Yes, I have a vague reference to an IP address. I do not plan to divulge this information to anyone but a law enforcement authority official, if the need arises. But the circle of people involved in the exchange was me and Jack, and that's it. Pretty small circle."

"Even after the attack I tried to e-mail her to find out what she knew about it. Consistent with previous correspondence, her response was silence. Silence does not equal innocence nor guilt, but it does show a lack of cooperation."

"I have never ever received any email from you - not the Blogger Insider questions, and certainly no private correspondence upon the matter of your site being hacked. I had never even heard of your before today." (Jack the Jolly Green Fairy.)

"apologise to the lady. her dignified silence in the face of your wild and hysterical remarks is a proper and appropriate response." (quarsan.)

"An apology will not be forthcoming. My allegations stand, and the reason I offered up the questions was for a peaceable solution to this situation. If no peaceable solution is to be had, then all will be left is "Crazy Timmy's" version of what happened. Since Jacquelyn still claims ignorance, then she won't have to defend herself.

Tim effectively asks Jacquelyn ... "When did you stop beating your wife?"

The ROTW brutally asks Tim ... "When did you stop beating your paranoia?"