Monday, April 28, 2003

Box Brownie Holiday Snaps of Sedgwick's sojourn in Daylesford.

(These pics are stored at 'freebie' sites ... we know what that's likely to mean ... slow loading or not there at all, at all.)

Sedgwick dies and goes to Heaven.

Me and poor old petrified Grandpa Sedgwick.    See there is such a place. Boy, the store was doing a roaring trade as usual.   Signpost for the Daylesford Wombat Geriatric Centre.    I've just found Heaven on Earth.
Master of my domain.    Errrr ... don't ask about my hasty retreat. Anyhow it's sub judice.   Heaven again.    Is that a gun in my pocket or am I looking for a gift for the wombats?
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Unidentified woman (AKA Mrs. Sedgwick) leaves the Daylesford Psychiatric Centre
having arranged for her husband to be committed for the rest of his unnatural proclivities.