Thursday, May 01, 2003

Sex Disneyland in Sydney?

Melbourne Australia April 30 2003

The Daily Planet Ltd, which tomorrow becomes the first brothel to list on the Australian Stock Exchange, has plans to open a "sex Disneyland" in Sydney.

(UPDATE: Shares in the Daily Planet have risen further, as investors flock to the world's first listed brothel. The Daily Planet began trading on the Australian Stock Exchange at 11:00am AEST. The stock surged to 74 cents, well above the initial float offer of 50 cents. Daily Planet chief executive Andrew Harris said, "I'd just like you to note the irony, a lot of people who have bought our shares have obviously got a sense of humour, having most of their first offers up there at 69 cents." )

Chief executive Andrew Harris said the company is likely to abandon its plans for the Barclay Hotel in Kings Cross and acquire another property three times the size and in a better location.

The Daily Planet raised $3.5 million in its initial public offering with one of the new 600 shareholders acquiring $1 million worth of shares.

International madam Heidi Fleiss is in Melbourne for the launch and, according to Mr Harris, has played a key role in attracting worldwide media attention for the listing.

"Heidi's ideas, her background, her knowledge have helped us a great deal," Mr Harris said.

"The international novelty value with Heidi promoting it has been massive - these shares can go anywhere."

But it hasn't been an easy road to the ASX since the idea was first mooted in 1994.

"The establishment did not want a brothel on the Stock Exchange," Mr Harris said.

What, no brothel on the Stock Exchange?! The place is full of shysters and tarts touting for money, perfect fucking synergy!

Editor's note: least the number of abandoned and abused wombats should start to fall now.