Saturday, May 03, 2003

Iraq oil ministry posts split between Iraqis, US

"US authorities have announced a new top management team to run the Iraqi Oil Ministry headed by an Iraqi, and an advisory board headed by an American.

The announcement comes in a statement from Tim Cross, a deputy to retired US General Jay Garner, head of the office of construction and humanitarian assistance in post-war Iraq.

Thamir Ghadhban, the ministry's director of planning before the war, has agreed to become chief executive officer of an interim management team.

"After extensive consultations and on the advice of the executive committee of the oil advisory board, we are pleased to announce that Thamir Ghadhban had agreed to accept the position," Mr Cross said.

"We are also pleased to announce the formation of an advisory board for the oil sector with Philip Carroll and Fadhel Othman in the position of chairman and vice-chairman.

"Mr Carroll is a former president and CEO of Shell Oil and former CEO of engineering and construction company Fluor.

"Mr Othman served formerly as the chairman if Iraq's State Oil marketing Organisation and in positions in the Iraqi oil ministry."

Mr Othman left Iraq in the 1980s and has lived in Turkey.

The statement was issued after a meeting between Mr Cross and oil ministry officials."

This war was NEVER about oil. Well, certainly not olive, peanut or baby oil.