Saturday, April 19, 2003

BTW, a new entry in Guest Book which poses a question ... the answer to which is obvious, but I can't be arsed bothering.

Editor's note: Me please...I want to answer it...I want to answer it...

"...please explain in human terms which is better?
say bob down the street from you gets a gun and declares his right to rule your block and begins killing those neighbors of yours he decides deserve to die? your mission is to decide wether you should take the only action you can which is to plant a bomb in his house and kill him and possibly a couple others, or allow him to continue on the path he has chosen, knowing full well he will continue to kill, toture, rob, and dehumanise the people of your neighborhood until he dies.
what would your choice be ?"

I know...I barnstorm the block, take out thousands of the occupants, maim, hack and mangle thousands more, destroy the building's infrastructure, cut off the gas, electricty and water supply, put guards round the petrol station and then let the bastard escape. Do I get a gold star?