Saturday, April 19, 2003

God, Easter and Everything.

Bush mourns loss of life in Iraq

US President George W Bush, whose public expressions of faith have raised eyebrows in Europe, has mourned the loss of American lives in Iraq, saying God's purposes were "not always clear".

Editor's note: Let's face it...the purpose of "Spot the Dog" isn't clear to Bush.

"This year, Easter and Passover have special meaning for the families of our men and women in uniform who feel so intensely the absence of their loved ones during these days," Mr Bush said.

Editor's note: Not to mention the thousands of Iraqis who are feeling the absence of loved ones, limbs, homes, water, food etc even more intensly.

"This holy season reminds us of the value of freedom, and the power of a love stronger than death."

Editor's note: A love of power stronger than death perhaps...

Mr Bush, who speaks of the power of prayer and has hinted at God's "divine plan," recalled the battlefield loss of Corporal Henry Brown, a 22-year-old soldier from Mississippi, and the words of the soldier's best friend Frank Woods.

"He believed God was working through him and he was part of the plan. I guess part of the plan now is God calling his soldier home," Mr Bush quoted Mr Woods as saying.

Mr Bush's evangelical Protestantism, which he embraced about 16 years ago when he gave up alcohol, has prompted questions abroad and in mainstream US media about how much it colors his presidency, his stand on Iraq and the war on terror.

Aides say Mr Bush reads the Bible every day, opens Cabinet meetings with a prayer and sometimes prays in the Oval Office.

During the 2000 presidential campaign, he declared Jesus Christ the political philosopher or thinker he most admired "because he changed my heart".

Editor's note: Pity he doesn't actually pay any attention to Jesus' philosophical gems then...such as turning the cheek if thine enemy smite thee and all that stuff about rich men entering camels...

Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, Mr Bush has painted the world in stark terms of good and evil.

He told reporters last month he sought guidance from God in making the decision to send US troops into Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein and rid the country of suspected weapons of mass destruction.

Editor's note: That's true...and Tony bin Blair answered him in a dream.

Bet Donny Rumpy-Pumpy wasn't happy about Dubbya going over his head to seek advice from Mr. Big ... and to think that people regard Osama as the world's numero uno loony toons religious fanatic?! Someone please send both of them a bottomless case of single malt.

Repent for lies to public: Archbishop tells govt

Adelaide's Anglican Archbishop has told the Federal Government it needs to repent for deceiving the Australian public.

Archbishop Ian George says the Federal Government's tough stance on asylum seekers and commitment to the war on Iraq has depressed many Australians.

Archbishop George will use his annual Easter message today to ask governments, the Church and the community to focus on the resurrection of the spirit.

"Governments need to look at something new and have to actually admit that they have misled the public over things like the Tampa business, and the war on Iraq, and there's got to be a fresh start."

"Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest" ... Henry 11 John Howard.

PM ready to invite Bush to Australia

April 20 2003 By Aaron Patrick New York

"When Prime Minister John Howard arrives at George Bush's Texas ranch in two weeks it is likely he will invite the President to visit Australia.

Australian diplomats last week discussed with the White House the prospect of the President visiting Australia in what appeared to be preparatory diplomacy for Mr Howard to extend an offer in person."

And it's about bloody time the Australian Head of State honored us with a visit. If it was good enough for LBJ to tickle the egos of his deputies it's only right and proper for Dubbya to get Downunder and dirty.