Tuesday, April 15, 2003



A message to the hacks calling for the enforced democratisation of the Middle East from their air conditioned offices in Canary Wharf and elsewhere.

Does this picture make you want to puke? Does this appalling image strike a chord in that atrophied organ you people call brains? This Iraqi child was not a terrorist.

Neither was he a member of a fanatical Muslim fundamentalist organisation. Anti-war protestors marched to prevent his death, not to appease the regime under which he at least had a life.

If you are unable to distinguish between appeasement and compassion then you have no right to foist your opinions and anti-Muslim sentiments on the people who can !!!!

Deputy Editor has his two bobs' worth ...

NBC is planning the movie about how Private Jessica Lynch, 19, was found by US special forces, Hollywood newspaper Variety said. Private Lynch was being held in hospital in Nasiriya, southern Iraq, and suffered two broken legs, an injured arm and multiple gunshot wounds. NBC say it is "as good a story as you can get from this war", according to Variety. "This story is Mission: Impossible, but it's real," an official told the paper. "It's uplifting, heroic, compelling and dramatic. You see this sort of thing in spy movies and wonder if it's really true. Now we know it is true." The film will focus on her ordeal and preparations by Delta forces to rescue her.

Her ordeal was to suffer two broken legs, an injured arm and multiple gunshot wounds ... "as good a story as you can get from this war" ?!

Might I refer NBC and members of the jury to Twisted's exhibit 'A' which is as disgusting an example of man's inhumanity to man as you can get from this war. Unfortunately it is not the prime time mini-series material, complete with special effects broken limbs, that will bulk up NBC's 'bottom line' and pump up the arteries of the odd patriotic zealot.