Sunday, April 13, 2003

I am deeply offended by Twisted's posting of the picture below. I am not like one of those pathetic creatures who has to buy a blow up doll because he cannot maintain a meaningful relationship with a real woman. I can relate to real sheep as well as the next Welshman or New Zealander. Notwithstanding that (and she should have received the letter from my solicitors, 'Lambchops, Corriedale and Merino' by now) I second her thoughts on the freedom loving looters in Baghdad (where even the sheep are revolting).

Looters strip Iraqi National Museum of its antiquities

By Elizabeth Day and Philip Sherwell in Baghdad
(Filed: 13/04/2003)

"Looters have ransacked the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad, stealing or destroying thousands of priceless artefacts.

As much of Baghdad descended into chaos after the collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime last week, a dozen looters broke into Iraq's biggest archaeological museum, shattering ancient pottery, overturning statues, and escaping with masterpieces."

"Mr Rumsfeld says people are losing sight of the big picture, that a country is being liberated.

"I read eight headlines that talked about chaos, violence, unrest and it just was Henny Penny, the sky is falling, I've never seen anything like it," he said."

The supporters of a "regime change by mass destruction" policy frequently underpinned their arguments with the cry of "It is necessary only for good men to do or say nothing for evil to triumph". Ahem ... paying attention here are we?

"Baghdad was in chaos today after US forces reopened two strategic bridges in the heart of the city and crowds of looters surged across - taking advantage of access to new territory that had not already been plundered.

US forces did nothing to stop them."

I'll be keeping an eye on 'ebay' for a few red hot bargains what fell off the back of an armed personnel carrier.
(Phone Arthur Daley 03 9379 8979.)

Betcha the looters don't get within a bull's roar of the oil wells.

Marines backtrack on Iraq chemical arms report

"US marines reported on Sunday finding five canisters with a substance testing positive for chemical agents but backed off a claim of finding 278 suspect artillery shells.

Officers with the marine's 1st Battalion, 5th Regiment said the canisters were found on Saturday in a Baghdad schoolyard among large stocks of ammunition.

Corporal Chad Arva, a chemicals analysis specialist, said the contents of the canisters "tested positive three times for blister agents".

But battalion officers backed off an earlier claim they had found likely blister agents in 278 artillery shells.

The report had come from the battalion's operations officer, Major Stephen Armes, and his commander, Lieutenant Colonel Fred Padilla. But they later said they had been mistaken."

It just was Henny Penny?

Henny Penny Bush accuses Syria of having chemical weapons

US President George W Bush says the US administration believes there are chemical weapons in Syria.

Asked if Syria could face military action, Mr Bush said: "They just need to cooperate".

Latest reports from the Pentagon's "Deep Throat" based at a secret location (24 Rue de Remarques, Damascus ... "If I'm not home the front door key is under the potted palm.") in Syria establishes irrefutable evidence that the Easter Bunny has been supplying weapons grade chocolate to the Syrian government for more than a decade. At Guantanamo Bay, under Geneva Convention sanctioned electrical prodding, the Tooth Fairy has admitted to aiding and abetting the Easter Bunny. Colin Powell briefed journalists on the issue, "Whilst this is pretty goddam conclusive evidence, we do not intend bombing Syria back into the 15th century just yet. Until we can get Santa Claus, the "Mr Big" behind this whole operation, to corroborate these facts we will stay our hand. Word from Guantanamo Bay is that he is close to cracking. Thank you gentlemen, and have a nice Easter."

Here we go again. Couldn't get Osama so we went after Saddam. Haven't quite found the smoking gun chemical/biological arsenal in Iraq so let's have a go at Syria. Tomorrow ze verld! Georgie Boy sure loves the smell of regime change in the morning.