Monday, April 14, 2003

Well, the weapons of mass destruction (WOMD) never made it onto the battlefield. Like a desert mirage, they have vanished into the sands. Or across the border and into Syria. At least that is what Dubya’s chickenhawks want us to believe. No doubt, if Syria is attacked, these illusive WOMD will be passed like a relay baton to Iran. And so, too will Saddam and his retinue of assorted murderers and sadists. Hell, the WOMD ploy worked for Iraq. The weapons must have gone somewhere right? Why not to other axis of evil countries? Tag on a tenuous link to Al Qaeda and Bob’s yer uncle!
While the US are about it, why not liberate all of the oil (Er…Don’t you mean Middle East? Ed.) from the Muslims (You mean dictators don’t you? Ed.). It’s the only sensible thing to do. After all, control of the biggest oil fields in the world is far more important than a rogue nuclear power threatening South East Asia and possibly the rest of the world.
Support Dubya’s mission for freedom and democracy in the Middle East now. You know it makes sense.