Wednesday, April 16, 2003

I haven’t written for a bit again. I know you are all disappointed in me, I can sense it, even from here. I have been awaiting news of the invasion of Blovistastan by the combined forces of the United States and some very small Indo-European men of indeterminate origin.
Regardless of the importance of this invasion for the protection of Human Rights as we define it, strictly speaking of course, that is our ideas of human Rights as outlined by us in sub-paragraph 6 of Chapter 3, of the Book Of Grand Things, strictly speaking of course in case there is any misunderstanding of it.
I wanted to assure the rest of you in this case, in case there was any misunderstanding of it.
So far no news has come of the vast forces we have sent into the very maw of victory in that small and rather filthy country, mostly run by Camel farmers and Dung Salesmen. We know what a threat they were to the general population, and that they were in fact in possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction which they have on occasion used to impress and threaten in order to prop up their very corrupt and rotten regime and they have sold their filthy products to others who are to undereducated to appreciate their appropriate uses. Small, low yield thermonuclear weapons are not intended to be used in farming, or in gardening, but for the mass extinction of large populations who threaten and cajole in order to rule the world.
I am working on a major book about these and other important things and just wanted you all to know that I think of you all any time there is a story on TV about auto accidents, or an employee going postal.