Saturday, April 26, 2003

The do-gooders are up in arms (sic), quoting the Geneva Convention over the "humiliation" and breach of human rights of several young Iraqi men caught looting by a US army patrol. The humiliation took the form of being stripped naked and having the words Ali Baba (He steals) written in Arabic on each of their chests.
Awww diddums.
Being held up to ridicule by ones peers and country men for being caught thieving is a hell of a lot easier than being subjected to Sharia law which is what will happen if Iraq becomes an Islamic state under Shia rule (like Iran). I understand that the sentence for theft is the severing of a hand.
Tone's contribution to ensuring the safety of Iraq's law abiding population from the unruly mobs isn't so amusing. After the troops went in and removed Saddam's regime, the coalition left a gaping hole in the power structure of Iraq which the fundamentalist Shias are only too willing to fill. The US and UK stand by and watch, horrified, and do nothing. It seems Bleugghh and Dubya thought the Iraqis would be so grateful for the toppling of Saddam they would welcome their liberators with open arms and dutifully await democritization of their oil (Don't you mean country? Ed.). Instead they got blood-smeared religious zealots and looters taking to the streets. Bleugghh's answer to restoring law and order is to put back into place the corrupt police force that enforced Saddam's "laws" and to withdraw a large proportion of our troops. Quite how this contributes to the stability of Iraq is beyond me. But then, having seen the fuck up they left behind in Afghanistan perhaps I shouldn't be surprised.