Thursday, April 24, 2003

When asked what had become of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, the British government today replied that, "...the weapons are definitely out there somewhere." (Cue X-Files music.) "The Saddam regime either hid them or destroyed them."
Er...destroyed them? Did I hear that right? Surely that was what they were supposed to do, wasn't it?

Meanwhile the Mayor of Toronto threw an epi this morning. Due to the large numbers of SARS cases now in the city the World Health Organisation has issued a 'restrictive travel' warning to foreigners.
"This is an outrage," the Mayor screamed vehemently. "Think of the revenue we'll lose in tourism."
Hmm...all £4.95 of it.
And to think of how the Canadians flocked to Britain in their millions during the foot and mouth crisis a couple of years back.

Closer to home and my insides are still aching violently. Having said that, I've just watched an interview with Michael Barrymoore who's having to fuck off to New Zealand because everybody over here hates him so much.
Still...that's show biz, Michael!