Sunday, April 20, 2003

Return of UN inspectors to Iraq not realistic: US official

"The United States believes it is not realistic for United Nations weapons inspectors return to Iraq, a top State Department official said in an interview, rejecting calls for the inspectors to compile a new report on the country's alleged weapons arsenal.

Mr Grossman said that the United Nations will now have to discuss the problem that while the mandate of the inspectors is still valid, it is no longer feasible to send them back into Iraq.

His comments come after European Union external affairs commissioner Chris Patten said that UN arms inspectors must return to Iraq to verify any weapons of mass destruction found by allied forces.

Chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix also called for the return of the inspectors, who he said would give credibility to any discovery of banned weapons.

Washington is itself sending a 1,000 strong team of US experts to Iraq to hunt down the weapons, which Grossman said he is convinced will be found."

Mr Grossman went on to say, " Uncovering the justification for this act of liberation is a task only for those who were part of the coalition that toppled Saddam Hussein's regime ... ourselves, the Australians, the British and the Poles. If there are going to be self fulfilling prophecies their discovery cannot be trusted to any nation without a verifiable self interest thank you very much.

Dr. Geller has been seconded from "The Weeping Mary Stigmata Foundation" to lead the team in the paths of righteousness. For the last 6 months this team has training on a strict diet of GM carrots that not only allows them to see in the dark but to see things that other people say don't exist. "Operation Phantom Menace" will commence as soon as the special issue ouija boards arrive."


1951. General MacArthur addressed the joint session of Congress after being relieved by U.S. President Truman.

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