Monday, April 21, 2003

Saddam in Iraq, says INC leader

Key Iraqi Opposition leader Ahmad Chalabi has told BBC radio toppled Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein is still in Iraq,

"Yes, he is in Iraq. Yes, he his moving around," Mr Chalabi, who heads the Iraqi National Congress (INC), said in the interview.

"We have received information about his movements and the movements of his sons," he said, but added the information reached Mr Chalabi's sources too late for them to locate Saddam before he moved on again.

"We cannot locate Saddam so that we would have a coincidence of time and position simultaneously ... But we are aware of his movements and we are aware of the areas that he has been to, and we learn of this within 12 to 24 hours," Mr Chalabi said.

Yes, I see why this chap is Dubbya's annointed one. He has a similar way with words.
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Nice to see that the good Green Fairy is back again casting spellchecks and granting wishes hither and thither. Appropriate that the resurrection of her site should coincide with the Easter celebrations.