Monday, May 26, 2003

Bleedin' Song f'r Europe? What was that abart then? Bloomin' out o' tune load of shit f'r Europe more like! Jemini? Don't make me laff! Cancer I reckon...of the bowel. Or Libra Panty Pads with extra' no bloomin' wings. Or Taurus the bullshit with added shit.
That pair o' clowns couldn't sing if their bollocks was caught in me granny's old mangle. I remember the good old days when we 'ad Dana and the Bruvver'ood of Man! They was real songs. And real singers too. None this makin' excuses abart "Oh we 'ad technical difficulties." Yeah, you did luv! Y' couldn't fuckin' sing!
Still, I'd 'ad shagged 'er. And I'd have given at least one point for havin' a nice pair o' tits, which is more than those Iraqi lovin' Froggie puffs did!