Saturday, May 31, 2003

June Catch of the Month

Ruben Stokholm

Religion: buddhist

Marital Status: devorst

Kids: 3 . 1 at 6 - 1 at 11 - 1 at 14 on living white me

Languages spoken: english and dansk

My favorite cuisine: all kinds of fode from othet cultures

More about me: I have workt white Teater for 15 years - and 10 years as psykoterapist have livet a very good life ,6 years ago I go a stoke i my brine and I ít tund my life aronde so I now paint - do not have eny fysiks men after the stroke.

More details about Mr. Stokholm.

So Ruben appeals? But there's more, many more ... ladies please form an orderly queue.
Francisco from Norway  George from Munich   Alf from Sweden

Great Grandma Hughes' note: I'll 'ave 'em all. Wait a minute...I already 'ave 'ad 'em all!