Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Christopher Biggins rounds up his favourite websites of the Week!

A great site for the connoisseur of large, porcelain, blue-veined vessels bulging with creamy goodness. The neatly laid out pages display a variety of photographs, ranging from pert, fifteenth century earthenware receptacles to huge, misshapen Toby jugs. There's enough here to make any anorak produce cream. Highly recommended for lovers of extreme close ups, old cracks and curvy handles.

Scrumptious cooking hints for those steamy after-dinner delights with the busty neighbour. Big sweaty pastries mixed with hot, slippery yellow custard, all oozing with sensual delight. The photographs are exquisite and you can almost feel those sticky juices dribbling down your chin. A must for people who love something hot and moist between their lips to round off the evening.

A big, fat collection of photographs detailing large, upright buildings around the World. The site's author, Quentin R. Stabber, obviously has a passion for thickly walled, firm and manly skyscrapers with their throbbing lift shafts and their proud, heaving balustrades. There's even a subsection for huge, domed structures and another where you can send in your own humorous captions about the Tower of Pisa. Definitely a site for men who like their erections big, hard and earthquake proof.

A site for lovers of brave little birds. Thrill to exotic videos of bluetits lost at sea, battling against the swell of the ocean, splashed and deluged by the heaving waves and the rhythmic swell of the night. Shudder with excitement as greenfinches fight off the overwhelming advances of a muscular hawk, its masculine beak pounding at the tiny birds' quivering tails.

Several hundred photographs of two wizened old men slapping each other in the face with their balls.