Saturday, April 12, 2003


Patient Hughes arrived. Paper work started at 0100 hrs. Major problem establishing identity. Birth certificate found to be forgery. Real identity:- Über Lieutenant Heinrich Gemeinschaftsgefühlishthings, a Nazi spy who parachuted into Lancashire in 1942.

Despite this Dr. Crippin insisted Herr Hughes should be afforded the best medical attention that could be provided by the NHS. "That'll teach the bastard for coming over here and hiding under the aprons of those dodgy Saxe-Coburg-Goths ". Dr Gilbert O'Sullivan admitted the patient, noting "Let the punishment fit the crime".

Confiscated Herr Hughes' reading material.

(Immediate cessation of palpitations noted.)
Emergency precautionary measures undertaken:- both hands strapped to side of bed.
Patient resting peacefully.
(Minor heavy breathing noted.)

Tomorrow we go in. It's going to be bloody and some of us may not return but as Matron Grenfell said after we'd signed up ... "I think what we are doing in here is such an amazing duty. We are giving freedom to organs that have been so oppressed for to long. Unfortunately, some people are not only ignorant but do not want to share the freedom our organs always had. One day the world will look back at this mission and be proud you were apart of a team who liberated these body parts and gave them a new reason to live."

Patient report #1536b/044. Signed: Nurse Jaques.