Friday, April 11, 2003

News from guest reporter Senator Joe McCarthy aged 132¾.

"Baseball's Hall of Fame has cancelled its tribute for the 15th anniversary of the film "Bull Durham" because of the anti-war stance of the movie's stars, Tim Robbins and his longtime partner, Susan Sarandon."

"One of America's leading bands, the Dixie Chicks, saw their latest single fall from its number one spot after many DJs refused to play it because one of the band's singers made anti-Bush remarks at a London concert. In the latest sign of a growing intolerance to dissent against the war, imagined or real, protesters in Louisiana used a tractor to crush compact discs and other items from the band as the boycott on the airwaves intensified."

"Looks like it’s more than just the Dixie Chicks coming under fire for speaking out against the war. Bay Area Hip Hop artist Michael Franti and his group Spearhead, while enjoying tremendous fan support, are under surveillance by the FBI. Recently, members of Michael Franti’s band got some late night visits from FBI agents who were concerned about his anti-war songs and activities."

I smells me some good old fashioned book burning a comin' on.