Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Oz Media Round Up

Al Jazeera says Baghdad office hit

"Al Jazeera television says a US missile has hit its Baghdad offices, wounding a cameraman and leaving a correspondent missing.

Al Jazeera, which is one of the most widely watched in the Arab world, has come under intense criticism by US and British officials for showing images of slain Western soldiers and US prisoners of war."

At last the real enemy cops a shellacking from the Amerkins. "Huntin' 'em down, smokin' 'em out."

And in other news.

From 'Media Watch'. ABC Australia.

Stories of collateral damage and civilian casualties were effectively pushed into the background by the daring rescue of 19 year old POW Private Lynch. As we were told more than once, this was the stuff of the movies.

Presenter: "For more we’re joined by Mitch Catlin in our US Bureau and Mitch the coalition also celebrating the rescue of an American POW. How’s she doing.
Mitch Catlin: Yes Natalie. Private Ryan will be treated in Germany after being in the hands of the Iraqi regime for 10 days."

- Channel 7 Sunrise, 2 April 2003

No Mitch, Private Ryan is a movie. You’re doing the news.

From Oz TV News police report.

"Police are looking for an Asian man with black straight hair" Well that refines the search significantly.

More from Media Watch.

Sunday Mail Date: 26 January 2003

"The Sunday Mail should have thought this through.
The words express the PM's opinion but
shouldn't they go over a photo of Saddam?"

Sorry to disagree with Media Watch but picture and caption are spot on as is.

From http://www.crikey.com.au

"Yesterday’s Daily Tele provided graphic illustration of Murdoch’s pro-war bias which could be described as propaganda.

The front page blared ‘KILLING ROOM’ with the sub-headline ‘Coalition forces reveal Saddam’s torture terror’. A two-page spread (‘Inside the dictator’s chamber of torture’) on pages 4/5 continued the thrust. Another sub-header read ‘The rows of coffins that expose the awful truth’.

All of this was the ‘news’ of a chilling factory find near Basra.

However today’s SMH has published an article (from the US) that confirms the factory was not for torture but rather contained the remains of soldiers in the Iraq-Iran war. The Iraqis had actually been planning to return the remains to Iran.

It took the on-site investigator just a few hours to establish the ‘awful truth’."

Russell Crowe Marries ... Police search for survivors

Nana Glen, Australia - Russell Crowe, drawing a line under his womanising days, has married long-time girlfriend and challenger to his lightweight WBC title, Danielle Spencer.

Crowe, who turned 39 on his wedding day, exchanged traditional marriage vows and pre fight insults with Spencer, a 32-year-old singer also dressed by Giorgio Armani, (Ms. Spencer however was able to tie her own shoelaces) inside a specially built domed stadium on his farm on Australia's mid-east coast.

An official wedding video released to the media showed Crowe, with a wedding ring on his finger and slight bruising above his left eye, and Spencer being showered with confetti, right hooks and short left jabs as they left the chapel arm-in-arm, toe to toe. They continuously ignored the referee's orders for them to break.

After the ceremony a steady stream of ambulances conveyed the injured to a nearby hospital. 2 bridesmaids have been ferried by air ambulance to Sydney General Hospital with serious head injuries, however 13 of the catering staff have been taken off the critical list, whilst the 24 waiters have been described as "serious but stable" Crowe remains "seriously unstable".

The officiating minister, speaking from his hospital bed, said, "I had just begun asking him 'do you take this woman ...?' and he said 'No fucking questions! No fucking interviews, this is a fucking private ceremony'. I ducked the first punch, but that left hook just came out of nowhere."

The organiser of the event, the legendary promoter Don King said, "I don't think anyone will be leaving here unmaimed disappointed. I think we gave the crowd just what it wanted ... blood, sweat and beers."