Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Bush addresses the Nation ... Goebbels' lovechild speaks.

Only comment I make immediately upon having heard the address ... "vomitous, sanctimonious, misguided, arrogant, hypocritical cant" ... oh, yes ... "and dumb".

I guess I am now officially an American citizen. The colonisation of Australia is complete. Well done Benedict Arnold Howard. (I have just had the misfortune of watching the traitorous little maggot address Parliament now he has his marching hors d'ouevres from the Primate. Only one of the previous adjectives is required ... "vomitous".)

Particularly piquant, given Howard's braying about Australia's close relationship with the Ten Ton Gorilla nation, is the map of the World crafted by some Hollywood set designer which is to serve as the backdrop for the Very Very Model of a Modern Major Genital Tommy Franks' propaganda press briefings. Whoops, no Australia!

From Crikey.com.au

10 worst reasons for union with the Septics

1. Idiotic god botherers.(sorry about the tautology)
2. Lard arses.
3. Gun owners.
4. Mining in national parks.
5. Country and western music (sorry about the tautology again).
6. Right wing pollies.
7. Shithouse TV.
8. Murdoch.
9. We'd be funding the torture/murder/robbery of Palestinians.
10. Bushes.

10 best reasons for union with the Septics

1. Hubble telescope.
2. Hubble telescope.
3. Hubble telescope.
4. Hubble telescope.
5. Hubble telescope.
6. Hubble telescope.
7. Hubble telescope.
8. Hubble telescope.
9. Hubble telescope.
10. The Rodent could piss off to Washington and have his head
permanently stuck up a President's arse.
10a The Rodent could get himself carved on Mount Rushmore with his head
stuck up a President's arse.