Saturday, March 22, 2003


SAFWAN, Iraq (CNN) -- Videotape shot by Kuwaiti TV crews Friday showed about a dozen villagers, most of them adult men, warmly welcoming American soldiers who arrived and briefly took up positions in the village of Safwan.

The men, a few children, and one woman spoke to at least three soldiers who got out of their vehicles. Many shook the soldiers' hands or embraced them, and some kissed the soldiers' cheeks.

"God bless you, thank you very much," said some of the villagers, according to translations by Kuwaiti TV.

"We do not want the oil. Take it. Take it. But build the country. We want to live, we want to travel, we want to walk. It cannot always be the pressure of war, war, destruction, destruction," one villager said. "Enough, enough. We are fed up, fed up. Long live the soldiers."

About a dozen other Iraqis watched from a distance.

The soldiers were seen arriving in at least three armored vehicles and one truck; two helicopters flew by in the distance.

At one point, a soldier tore large pieces from a large poster of Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi president.

One villager took off his sandal and repeatedly hit what remained of the painting of Saddam's face.

The one woman spoke emotionally to the soldiers for a few moments, but it was not clear which comments were hers.

The tape showed a group of about eight adult men and children dancing and singing, "Saddam, your days are numbered. Saddam, your days are numbered."

Editor's note: Meanwhile in America, Britain and Australia, the liberation from the Bush, Blair and Howard Regimes continues unchecked. More propaganda as we get it folks...