Monday, March 17, 2003

"I believe there are people out there with legitimate reasons for questioning any war against Iraq."

Tony Blair every time somebody questioned his stance on the crisis before dismissing those legitimate reasons and curling up in Bush's lap.

As it turns out not only are the reasons legitimate they are also probably very legal. During the first Gulf War military action was taken under resolution 646 (or whatever the number was). When the terms of Iraq's surrender (i.e. the agreed elimination of their weapons of mass destruction) were reached under resolution 647, (again...whatever number...I can't remember figures...apart from Captain Jenny off Beachcomber Bay's that is) resolution 646 became effectively defunct...only to be started up again should Iraq not comply with resolution 647 and only...ONLY...if a further resolution to reinstate resolution 646 was agreed upon by the UN security council.

No such reinstatement and/or further resolution has been laid down...making Tony Blair's involvement with the war illegal. America has never signed up to International law (what a surprise) so Bush doesn't have to worry. But Britain has. Tony Blair could well stand trial for crimes against humanity in the international courts for his conduct, as could various members of his cabinet. A message to Clare Shortarse...think very carefully about your immediate course you hideous old haridan. You want time to reflect tonight? Don't waste too many mirrors reaching your decision or you might end up hauled before the International Courts. And the Frogs are well pissed off.