Monday, March 17, 2003

Latest Update:

Apparently there is to be a vote in the Commons on the Iraqi crisis tomorrow and the government has said that it sees no reason why the outbreak of hostilities would be clouding the issue...leading one to infer that the war won't have kicked off by then. Always assuming that the government aren't talking bullshit as usual then the war must commence shortly after that...the fighter pilots will need the full moon to do a proper job (they can't see the red crosses if it's too dark) and they won't be able to wait for another month because by that time it'll be too hot and the wings on the Tornadoes will melt.

Tony Blair, in lieu of the vote, is at this moment threatening the withdrawal of pensions from his backbenchers and doing deals with the more liberal minded Tories who might vote against him. We could do with a few blue on blues on the opposition benches right about now. Unusually for the British Parliament tomorrow's ballot papers will be flown to a courtroom in Florida to be counted.

According to tomorrow's headlines from the usual right-wing tabloid suspects the latest polls clearly show that the British public are slowly being swayed towards supporting the war. This strikes me as odd. Everybody that I know, including the vast majority of those who originally thought the war would be an uplifting experience for all concerned, are more than ever set against hostilities. Especially after Robin Cook's resignation statement in the Commons tonight. (The cheeky little adulterer has suddenly risen in my opinion.) When a foreign secretary who's seen all the evidence (sorry...ex foreign secretary) states outright that Iraq does NOT have weapons of mass destruction, that the war is immoral and unjust and that the Commons should vote against the Primer Minister then most right thinking people sit up and take notice.

As with the Nazi regime back in the 30s it appears that the first victim of war is actually the polls.