Saturday, March 22, 2003

On the day war broke out three CNN reporters were 'arrested' at the Iraqi border and have since disappeared. This morning a car bomb in Northern Iraq killed an Australian reporter (sorry...don't know his name) and this afternoon Terry Lloyd the British television reporter and his crew came under fire just south of Basr. They are now missing in action. Considering that only one American soldier has been killed in combat so far the ratio isn't looking good. Kate Adie, whose prediction that journalists would be picked off by American forces, has gone into hiding.

An Australian cameraman on assignment for the ABC has been killed in a suicide bombing in Iraq.

Details from Deputy Editor ...
Paul Moran died instantly when the car exploded at Sayed Sadiq in Northern Iraq. ABC correspondent Eric Campbell survived the attack, suffering minor shrapnel injuries and shock. Mr Moran, 39, who was originally from Adelaide, worked extensively in the Middle East from his base in Bahrain, before moving to Paris last year. Mr Moran is survived by his wife and baby daughter. Nine other people were injured in the bombing.

Meanwhile in Britain there are unconfirmed rumours about evil dictator Tony bin Blair's death. Blair was last since the night before hostilities broke out. Since then he has made one appearance on British television but his defiant speech had obviously been pre-recorded. Ambassadors at the United Nations claim to have seen Blair in their midsts but Jacques Chirac said, "He was obviously just a puppet being controlled by the American government." Investigations are still underway.

In Iraq, despite the fact that the War is now well into its third day, as yet no weapons of mass destruction have been launched to defend the country. When asked if this was proof that the premise for invading this third world country was bullshit, General Frankly-my-dear-I-couldn't-give-a-damn replied, "There's plenty of time left yet for them to appear." Tonight several suspicious looking trucks were seen crossing the border carrying cargos of 'tomato sauce'. "We are definitely not going to plant evidence," said truck driver Corporal Jeremy Thorpe refusing to show us what the trucks contained. "We're just delivering much needed supplies to MacDonald outlets inside Iraq."