Saturday, March 29, 2003

Oh what a bloody mess we make, when first we try to liberate.

Angry protesters have taken to the streets across the Middle East again today, burning American flags, declaring war on Bush, holding naked ankle protests etc. Meanwhile Iraqi exiles are flooding back into Iraq to volunteer for Suicide Bomb Squads. (Apparently they get two posthumous medals if they blow themselves up within three feet of coalition!)
President Bush, however, continues undaunted. "It's not fair!" he stated on his radio chat show this afternoon. "The Iraqis aren't playing by the rules. Daaaaaaad! Come and sort 'em out for me will y'?"
Back in Blighty, George's friend Tony has been sent to bed without any supper, to '...think about what he's done...' He was last seen unshaven, in his dressing gown, watching reruns of old Question Times, his eyes moist and his career in tatters.
Donald Rumsfelt, his one time schoolchum and confident, commented, "Well, that's the way it goes, folks. Now I've godda get back on my rocking horse and whoop some sand nigger ass! Yeehaw!"

The trials and tribulations continue...