Tuesday, March 25, 2003

“We don’t do body counts”

General Tommy Franks, US Central Command

An unidentified Iraqi man holds an unidentified girl wounded after
U.S.-led coalition air strikes over the southern Iraqi city of Basra,
Saturday March 22, 2003. (AP Photo/Nabil)

Dubbya taught Tommy Franks everything he knows about plain speaking ...

"I think people will believe what they want to believe and I believe that some people within the country of Iraq and some outside the country will believe that the tape was real and I believe those, there will be others who will want to believe that that tape wasn't real and so I think that, in terms of our ongoing military operations, it doesn't make any difference."

... and in not so unrelated irony ...

British PM's wife to visit Australia

"Cherie Blair, the wife of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, is to visit Australia next month to lecture on human rights."

Lecture your silly twisted (apologies, Sister) prat of a spouse first thank you very much!

Editor's note: Human Rights in a nut shell...apparently it's fine to shoot people with guns and missiles but never with cameras.

... and further to the Human Rights/Geneva Convention issue ...

"Rumsfeld had better watch his back. For this enthusiastic convert to the cause of legal warfare is, as head of the US Defence Department, responsible for a series of crimes sufficient, were he ever to be tried, to put him away for the rest of his natural life.

His prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, on Cuba, where 641 men are held, breaches no fewer than 15 articles of the third convention. The US Government broke the first of these (article 13) as soon as the prisoners arrived, by displaying them, just as the Iraqis have done, on television. In this case, however, they were not encouraged to address the cameras. They were kneeling on the ground, hands tied behind their backs, wearing blacked-out goggles and earmuffs. In breach of article 18, they had been stripped of their own clothes and deprived of their possessions. They were then interned in a penitentiary (against article 22), where they were denied proper mess facilities (26), canteens (28), religious premises (34), opportunities for physical exercise (38), access to the text of the convention (41), freedom to write to their families (70 and 71) and parcels of food and books (72)".