Sunday, March 23, 2003

Woman dies watching war on TV


A 55-year-old Bangladeshi woman died of a heart attack while watching television footage of the US-led war in Iraq, a newspaper reported.

Rani Bala was watching the live bombings of Baghdad when she suddenly screamed and collapsed in her home Friday in remote Paschim Pathangar village in south-eastern Feni district, the Daily Sangbad newspaper said.

Grenade attack a 'fragging'?

By staff writers 23mar03

The grenade attack that injured 13 members of the 101st Airborne in Iraq today may have been carried out by a US soldier, according to reports.

Reports from journalists "embedded" with the renowned division indicate a US soldier is in custody, CNN reported.

Several 'fraggings' - as internal attacks are called in the military - occurred in the US forces during the Vietnam war.

Australia demolishes India

March 24 2003 Johannesburg

Mission complete - just.

A blow-out nearly became a wash-out.

But in a drama-charged battle, Australia was almost denied by wet weather.

India's passionate mob of supporters literally danced in the rain on the hill, all of them delirious. But the skies cleared, fighting resumed at 3.59pm in brilliant sunshine and Australia completed a deserved and dominant triumph.

The Australians draped the national flag over their shoulders for the victory presentation. Reservist Jimmy Maher carried an inflatable kangaroo. Colonel Michael Bevan recorded it all on video. Private Glenn McGrath took photographs.

Pentagon: 10 U.S. soldiers killed or captured.


Iraqi military forces have captured or killed a group of fewer than 10 U.S. soldiers from an Army maintenance unit, Pentagon officials said Sunday.

Total number of coalition deaths, 23 -- 14 Britons and nine Americans. In addition to the death in a grenade attack in Kuwait, two have died in combat, and the rest were killed in accidents.